What Works For Me

Many moons ago I was a regular blogger. Every few days I would sit down and tap out a meaningful reflection. A little bit about work, a little bit about family, a little bit about my friends and a lot of generalizations about the world!

Somewhere between the job changes and the cookies, I lost that digital diary.

Big changes often mean the opportunity to reflect on what's important. It's a time to ask what works for my life and to ask what makes sense for me.

As busy as the last few weeks have been. I realized that what I really loved was carving out my little digital homestead. I've always liked having an audience and a platform.

So you'll find my somewhat organized thoughts here and you can often find me blathering on in real life by checking to see if I'm streaming on Meerkat. You can follow me there at www.meerkatapp.co/FigTale

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